Blah blah blah

I totally couldn’t think of a title. So blah blah blah came to mind. Then I thought of Ke$ha’s song of the same title. Then I had to play said song, all the while picturing Unicorns making a music video to it. FABULOUS horned creatures with lollipops and cotton candy saying “meet me out back with the jack and the jukebox”. It made me LOL. Or ROFL. Or whatever the kids use these days. It was funny.

Sometimes my brain is frizzed up with craziness. Can I help it? How else does one bring color to this world? So dance, or sing, or act silly, or imagine magical creatures singing blah blah blah. Escape into a moment of sparkle just for YOU.

The world is beautiful, and so are you, friends! 🌈✨🦄

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