I like all the things that start with uni. Unicycle, university, unique, united, unified, unitard, and most if all, unicorn. In a general sense, words that start with uni are of a positive connotation. The uni that gets the most negative press has got to be unibrow. Viewed as a curse by many, the unibrow exists in the dark fringes of society, mostly by those who don’t own a mirror or hair trimmers, or lack access to waxing supplies. Many of you are nodding in agreement, feeling shame for the poor souls who lack a natural separation between right and left, but I say enough! Let those with the unification of hairs in the middle stand proud! Today is for unibrows! Hell, this week is for unibrows! The bold and unabashed acceptance of who you are as a single-browed being is what unicorns everywhere stand for!

Come show your unibrow with pride at our dazzle dough shop this week and I will buy you a scoop to show my love. Cheers to the unibrows!

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